Time travel and Einstein’s theory of relativity

Well done to Camilla for their creative submission explores the biggest mystery of all, the future. Take a look at their cover letter below:

Arguably the greatest unsolved mystery of the world, the answer is currently unknown to us all. The future. Time is constant, we are constantly going into the future however, is it possible to play with time? Now, here is the big question: Is time travel possible? This idea isn’t even plausible to those who don’t hold the mind of a physicist so brace yourself…According to Albert Einsteins theories of relativity, you can compress time if you are able to travel fast enough to those relative around you. Relativity means it is possible to travel into the future. But how? (watch my animation to find out!)What will the ethics be around this measure? Who will be able to use it : only big governing bodies? Or will some families be allowed to use it to save loved ones lives? AND will it really help us? What do you think…