A Limit Less Challenge

Student takes seat in class full of peers taking notes.

Why The Eurekas?

Physics has an image problem. It is often seen as a difficult subject with limited career prospects, studied primarily by highly-educated white men – a stereotype mostly backed up by statistics. As a result of this and other factors, the physics community does not reflect wider society – meaning the physics world misses out on exceptional talent. The Eurekas have been conceived to address this issue. 

The Limit Less campaign

The Eurekas are brought to you by Limit Less – a campaign designed to broaden and diversify the range of young people going on to study physics after the age of 16, by appealing to young people who tend to view physics as not for them. These underrepresented groups are:  

  • Girls  
  • Young people from disadvantaged backgrounds 
  • Young people of Black Caribbean descent  
  • Disabled young people  
  • LGBT+ young people  

A social justice issue 

Young people from a much broader range of backgrounds deserve the opportunity to get into and benefit from physics. To unlock their talent, the physics community needs to be much more diverse. 

Our messages are simple:  

  • Physics can and should be for everyone  
  • Physics helps you understand the world around you  
  • Physics offers many opportunities  

Opening up the discipline will benefit both young people and the sectors where understanding and qualifying in physics is key.

Get involved

Whether you’re a student, parent or carer, teacher – or simply as passionate as we are about inspiring others to see physics differently – you can get involved by:

  • Signing up to the Limit Less campaign
  • Spreading the word to your friends and colleagues
  • Sharing news on The Eurekas via social media