Unleash your inner physicist

Teenage boy grins in a classroom.

A Limit Less Challenge 

In this year’s Eurekas, a UK and Ireland-wide competition for 11-16 year olds, we are challenging you to answer the question: Can physics help us solve mysteries?

Imagine the world as a giant puzzle waiting to be solved, from global challenges such as tackling climate change to the more personal such as mastering the perfect rise on your latest bake or understanding the strategy behind a winning goal. We challenge you to show us how physics can help us solve these mysteries. 

We want to see submissions that show you interacting with physics creatively and in a way we might not expect – as you explore how physics can provide the solution to the mysteries in our lives.

Get creative…

The winning entry, as determined by a judging panel, will receive a £1,000/ €1,200 cash prize. The winner’s school will be rewarded for their support by receiving a £250/€300 voucher to go towards school equipment.

Two runners-up will receive £500/€600 each.

We will also be recognising excellence for each age between 11-16, and the best entries will receive £250/€300 each.

With the Eurekas, any student between 11-16 years old can take part, and all entries that fit the criteria will be accepted and receive a certificate from the Institute of Physics. Shortlisted entries will be showcased on the Institute of Physics’ social media pages.

Think about what your entry might be

Craft an artwork showing how you would solve a problem, global or local, that you’re passionate about 

Make a sculpture of a health device that has made life better for you or someone you love 

Direct a video explaining the physics in your favourite sport  

Sing a song or play an instrument and explain how physics makes the music happen 

Imagine your hero – someone you admire. Explain the physics in what they’re famous for 

Sew, bake or build something and show us how physics makes it possible

Power up your favourite game and demonstrate how it uses physics to be realistic