The voyage of our cosmic odyssey

Well done to Annalise for her poem that highlighted the laws of motion and energy. Take a look at her cover letter and entry below:

I strongly believe I should win due to my passion for science. Winning this competition would prove to me that in the future, I truly can become a scientist. My poem beautifully captures the essence of physics as a science that drives my passion and curiosity. It expresses my love for physics by emphasising how it helps me understand the mysteries of the universe and how it fuels my creativity. The poem also highlights the importance of the laws of motion and energy, which are the foundation of physics. My passion for the subject is evident in the way I describe the wonders of physics and how it inspires me to explore the world around me. I am confident that my poem is a true reflection of my passion for physics and the potential it holds for advancing our understanding of the universe. It is a tribute to the power of science to inspire and drive curiosity, and I believe it has the potential to inspire others to pursue their passions. Overall, I believe this poem is a wonderful tribute to the power of physics to drive curiosity and passion in those who study it.

The voyage of our comic odyssey 

Physics is the force that drives, 

My passion to new heights, 

It’s the science of the universe, 

That fills me with delight. 

From the smallest particles, 

To the vast expanse of space, 

Physics helps me understand, 

The mysteries of this place. 

The laws of motion and energy, 

Are the foundation of my drive, 

To explore the world around me, 

And discover what’s inside. 

From the laws of thermodynamics, 

To the theory of relativity, 

Physics fuels my curiosity, 

And feeds my creativity. 

So, I’ll continue to explore, 

The wonders of this field, 

And let physics be the power, 

That drives my passion to yield