The puzzle ball of the universe

Well done to Hana for their creative submission that explores the mystery of dark matter. Take a look at their cover letter below:

If we look at a typical galaxy, taking account of all matter we see and use Einstein’s general relativity to try to describe the motion of the material then we are incorrect. Almost all the objects in the galaxy are moving too fast. There should not be enough gravity to keep them from dispersing out. Cosmologists believe that the reason for this is the universe’s mystery of dark matter as Physicists without this substance struggle to provide a unified law of the universe. There is research where people build giant detectors underground (to get away from all, other particles streaming through the environment around us) and look for signals of dark matter hitting the detector. If successful, these physicists would solve the many perplex problems of our universe. In decomposing the universe, we can see the three key elements: visible matter, dark matter, and dark energy. My project displays the puzzle of the universe and the steps we have taken so far to break it down. We still have large pieces that need to be solved in the dark energy and dark matter area. However, we have discovered a lot so far and in the future physics can solve the mystery.