Presentation slide showing a drum and text on the science behind sound

The Physics of the Orchestra

Well done to Rebecca for her submission on the importance of physics in music. Take a look at her cover letter and entry below:

“My entry is about the importance of physics to music. It has inspired me to investigate how the sound is made when I play music. Music plays a very important role in my life, without it everything would be bland and boring. Take a film for example and imagine it without the music, it could be difficult for the director to convey the characters emotions and it would not entertain the audience at all. The reason that I have chose to study the application of physics to music is that I play violin, piano, clarinet, saxophone and have been studying music theory which has combined all my musical knowledge together. If I was to win any money, I would put it towards either some music books or a new musical instrument which would help me further my musical education. Physics gives music a set of laws that are useful for the development of the highest quality of instruments, and it is also useful to the engineers of concert halls so they can create the optimum acoustic environment in buildings all around the world. In conclusion, I believe that the knowledge of physics and sound waves is incredibly essential to music.”

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