The Physics Behind a Wheelchair

Well done to Grace for her submission which demonstrated the physics behind wheelchairs. Take a look at her cover letter below:

Hi my name is Grace Palmer, I’m 15 years old and I am a young designer. My project I have done to answer the question ‘how does physics power your passion’ is called the Physics Behind a Wheelchair. So you may be wondering why did she choose this topic well my passion is to combine art and STEM subjects to become a design engineer to build/improve products for disabled children and adults I have experience of seeing the emotional and physical toll on a person with a disability and their family as I’m a family member to a disabled child. In the future when I design new products I will not only make them better but I will also make them more affordable than the usual cost of a couple of hundred pounds.

How does physics entwine in this information?

Earlier I said my passion is to become a design engineer to make products better and more affordable to make things better I need physics to work out the torque of a wheelchair or the force that is needed.

In my future, I see physics as a big part of my future to start a small family business for people who need affordable products.

To answer the question of how physics powers my passion I believe as a student in engineering you need to consider all of the parts to make the product physics has the basic laws of the world you need these laws so that the product works and is not a waste of time to the user.