The Mystery of the Ollie

Well done to Ena for their creative submission explores the physics by the perfect ollie. Take a look at their cover letter below:

I have recently started to skateboard. After watching some videos online, I realised that the Ollie would be a useful trick to learn to make the board leave the ground and to unlock many more tricks. While learning, I came across some problems. I did some research and found out that physics was the answer. Here are my findings, there are four main principles in doing an ollie: force, torque, Newton’s third law and friction. In my video I go on to explain each of these in a bit more detail. The video consists of some clips of me skateboarding at a local skatepark and a few paper animations to visually explain the physics behind an Ollie. I hope one day, I can improve my Ollie and maybe learn a few other things along the way.