The Mystery of the Missing (interstellar) Objects!

Well done to Wilf for their creative submission that explores the mystery behind the mass gap. Take a look at their cover letter below:

The mass gap is a fascinating phenomenon which exists for no apparent reason and that makes it rather intriguing on why nothing is in it and then even more so when something DOES appear in it. Physicists thought that the mass gap exists because that is the range that no object is stable in.GW190814 is an Unidentified Massive Compact Object. And this is what created the gravitational waves which we used to detect it in the first place. It could be a strangely light black hole. Which I suspect was created by 2 light neutron stars fusing. Using physics we can see things other than light and this lets use view our universe in many ways. So by detecting these gravitational waves we could figure out where and when this happened which I just find awesome that some life on a little pebble can detect things light years away that we can’t even see. But it made us think more about what the mass gap actually is. Physicists have now got some new questions.