The game of physics

Well done to Jacob for his poem on how physics powers his passion for football. Take a look at his cover letter and entry below:

Physics plays a significant role in powering football. The laws of physics, such as Newton’s law of motion govern the movement of the ball and the players on the field. The way the ball moves through the air, the force required to quick it and the way it bounces off the ground are all determined by physics.

One of the most critical aspects of football is the transfer of energy from the players to the ball. The amount of force generated by a player’s kick is directly proportional to the speed and trajectory of the ball. The law of physics dictate that the force applied to the ball will determine the velocity and direction of the ball.

Additionally, physics plays a crucial role in the design of football equipment. The shape and weight of the ball, the design of the football boots, the padding in shin pads all designed to optimise performance and prevent injury.

In summary, physics is essential to powering football, from the movement of the ball to the design of the equipment used by the players.

The game of physics 

How does physics relate to football: 

From the moment the ball is kicked, 

Physics takes over, quick and slick 

The force applied, the angle of flight, 

All determine the ball’s trajectory in sight 

The laws of motion come into play, 

As the ball moves in its own way. 

Inertia, acceleration and velocity 

All work together, with perfect harmony 

The spin of the ball, the air resistance, 

Are factors that affect its persistence. 

The curve of the ball, the bend and swerve, 

Are skills that only the best 

Players preserve. 

The goalkeeper’s dive, the striker’s shot, 

Are all a result of physics, quite a lot, 

The power of the shot, the speed of the save, 

Are all determined by the physics that pave. 

The game of football is a physics lesson, 

A perfect blend of science and passion. 

From the law of motion to the spin of the ball, 

Physics is the backbone of football, after all.