Well done to Jush, Rudra and Vibhish for their submission on how physics can help us to develop new technologies to tackle climate change. Take a look at their cover letter below:

Physics helps us understand how everything works, physics also helps develop new technologies that can change the way we live. Climate change and global warming are problems that need to be solved and luckily there are many different solutions. We use fossil fuels day to day for things like transport. Me and two of my friends have come up with a way to change transport in the future and that is using superconductivity. This idea can reduce carbon emissions massively. A material which has achieved superconductivity loses its electrical resistance and expels any magnetic fields inside it but superconductivity only occurs in some metals materials and in very cold temperatures. We have made a prototype to show how this would work in the future, a launching pad and charging station. It charges a battery in the car which cools liquid nitrogen, this is essential for the superconductor to quantum lock onto the magnet road.

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