Science Is Solution in the Past, Present and Future

Well done to Vivek and Tanvi for their submission on science as a solution to Earth’s most pressing challenges. Take a look at their cover letter below:

Science Is Solution in the past, present and Future

Slaughtering animals for fuel extincts the habitat;

Burning wood for fuel extincts the forest which we as humans frown at;

Mining coal extincts the environment and the planet’s structure;

Learning lessons from the past will lead to opportunities for the future;

But science provides a solution of how to store energy;

Unlike any solution will ever be;

The flow of particles creates light;

The flow of light creates solar energy but not tonight;

The flow of energy creates solar power right until the last hour;

The flow of wind creates wind power;

The flow of energy and matter creates ecosystems;

The flow of curiosity creates thought systems;

The flow of thoughts creates ideas, expertly;

The flow of ideas creates a new source of energy;

These new sources of energy create a better life ahead;

So think about this when you go to bed;

Everyone can contribute to this cause;

To be curious deserves applause;

Energy is generated by burning fuel which is kind of strange

Burning fossil fuels creates climate change

A change in climate creates problems anywhere

Problems will produce distress in our society everywhere

Our thriving innovation can solve these differences

Innovation is the birthplace of science and we are not the witnesses

Science is the only solution for a sustainable future hereafter

Remember you are our ecosystems crafter.”

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