Digital art of a girl sitting on a satellite in space

Runner-up: The Wonders of Space 

Congratulations to our 2022 runner-up, Emily from Craigmount High School. Emily used digital art to showcase the physics of our universe, impressing the judges with her creative skills. Take a look at her entry below: 

“Physics helps us explore the limitless possibilities of our universe. By using our knowledge and understanding of physics, we can construct devices such as satellites and telescopes to explore and discover new things about our existence: we are on our way to understanding our life on Earth, and discovering new frontiers. I have created a piece of digital art to represent the wonders that can be found in space through human technology (pictured: satellite, telescope, and a variety of physics related objects). If it weren’t for physics, we wouldn’t see the beautiful spiralling galaxies, we wouldn’t know about other planets, and we wouldn’t even think to ask: is there anyone else out there? The person is a metaphor (as humans cannot (currently) breathe in space!) for the fact that the Earth’s physicists are at the forefront of space exploration. They create and formulate new ideas that help us as a species to understand ourselves and our place in the beautiful universe.”