A microphone.

Runner-up: Sing The Waves

Congratulations to our 2022 runner-up, Isadora from Woldingham School. Isadora delved into the physics of electromagnetic waves through singing and songwriting. Take a look at her entry and cover letter: 

“Electromagnetic waves play a vital role in our lives, it helps us transfer energy and information. In this song, I describe different types of EM waves and their usage in daily life. For instance, radio waves for aerial satellites, microwaves for cooking, and X-rays for scanning broken bones.   In my opinion, the most significant use is optical fibre. Optical fibre communication works by sending infrared light in a thin rod of silica-based glass. The material only absorbs little light; therefore, light can pass through the fibre by total internal reflection without the loss of information. Before optical fibre, people used copper wire communication, however, it has limited bandwidth and corrosion easily occurs. With optical fibre, information can be transmitted at a swift speed and a long distance, but also has better durability and clearer signal. Because of this, they are necessary for smooth internet connections and efficient transfer of data. Physics has certainly helped us communicate and enhance our technological development.”