Hand drawn poster on dyslexia glasses

Runner-up: My Dyslexia Glasses

Congratulations to our 2022 runner-up, Isla from Weetwood Primary School. Isla impressed judges with her unique project, using art to explain the physics behind the glasses that help her manage her dyslexia. Take a look at her entry here: 

Hi my name is Isla. I am 11 years old and I am curious and inquisitive and I ask questions all day long. I struggle with english and maths and writing because I am dyslexic. Children with dyslexia like me currently use glasses with coloured lenses or coloured overlays to help us read. I discovered clear glasses with reflective coatings can work instead. I now use my clear glasses and don’t have to use my overlay any more. I feel normal and I don’t have to explain my overlay or look different. I want to prove these glasses work and I want them to be free on the NHS so I can help all kids, like me  to look normal in the classroom. My answer to ‘what’s the point of physics’ is that it explains why my discovery works and how everything in the world works.”