Homemade magnetic mechanical generator

Runner-up: Magnetic Induction Generator

Congratulations to our 2022 runner-up, Stefan from Sutton Grammar School. Stefan impressed the judges by building his very own mechanical generator. Take a look at his entry and cover letter: 

“Physics is about lightbulb moments. It’s about discovering, experimenting, and innovating.  To demonstrate this, I designed and built a mechanical AC generator that would be able to power an LED; quite literally experimentation and innovation leading to a lightbulb moment. It works because of magnetic induction; in this case a magnet passing through a copper tube which induces current. The tube is attached to a pulley and a small weight which turn it in 180-degree increments (once the magnet reaches the end of the tube, it needs to be turned, a bit like an hourglass). Finally, due to the scale of the generator, a current amplifier is wired between the LED and the generator. I believe that this demonstrates both literally and metaphorically- the point of Physics.”