Hand drawn poster about recycling in physics

Recycling in Physics

Well done to Meisha, Durgadevi, Shreya and Didhiti for their submission on the role that physics plays in recycling. Take a look at their cover letter below:

Our world is being destroyed by us! Climate change along with the enhanced greenhouse effect is causing many consequences, such as plastic pollution, habitats being destroyed and extreme weather. A simple but effective way we can play our part in this, is recycling. Many forms of recycling are very effective to prevent the destruction caused by climate change. As a group, we have made this poster in order to express methods that help with recycling. Our aim is to spread these new methods and hopefully get other people to see how physics assists these methods. The methods that we have talked about are ‘the material separator’ and using magnetism and conduction. The main reason we chose ‘the material separator’ is because it is fairly simple and helps recycling become more organised. However, the main reason is it’s link to physics. This method uses gravity, a force which occurs in the world around us all the time. The reason we have chosen magnetism and conduction is because it has another strong link with physics. Magnetism is also a strong force that is comes under physics and so does conduction. These methods are important as it saves energy when separating materials.”

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