Drawing of the heart with descriptions about the biophysics

Physics of the heart

Well done to Olivia for her submission on how physics relates to the heart. Take a look at her cover letter below:

“Dear Eureka judging panel, For the science project I drew and then painted with watercolour a picture of the human heart. I wrote information around the picture all about how Physics is linked to the heart and how it works. I got the inspiration from my uncle, he is a university lecturer on biomedical physics and told me lots about the heart. Physics is related to the heart because it is a multi physics organ. I chose this topic because it is quite obscure and interesting, so hope it stands out. Painting the heart was quite hard as in trying to get it as accurately as possible. I enjoy science and I think that the competition in a great way to encourage people to do more science and learn more, but in a fun way as I enjoyed taking part in the competition. I hope you like my project. Olivia”

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