Physics of Combat Sports

Well done to Labib for his submission on the role of physics in combat sports. Take a look at his cover letter below:

“Over the last few years, combat sports have been a big part of my life, from Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Recently however, the physics of the sport came into question for me. Whilst the rabbit hole of the physics of the human body stretches deep, there’s always an equation behind everything. This is shown in the video, potential energy in the body, is changed into kinetic energy when a punch is thrown. This force transfers into the receiving end of the punch, and with Newton’s laws of motions, each force has an equal and opposite reaction. That reaction transfers force back into your hand, if the punch was thrown incorrectly it could result in injury. The beauty of this, is that even in areas where science isn’t regarded, it plays a part. Physics is behind any and every action in this universe, and that makes it impossible to escape, and necessary to be understood to progress the future of humanity. This is represented through the sheer number of careers physics can lead into – multiple six figure jobs. Physics is undoubtedly, essential, a growing part of the economy, it is the past present and future.

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