Physics of Coca Cola

Well done to Rachel and Lena for their submission on the role that physics plays in fizzy drinks. Take a look at their cover letter below:

“Physics is an important branch of science because it explains how the universe acts. Everyday, we include physics in our life when we walk, run, cook, bake, watch, open and close things. It studies matter, forces and their effects. Like we said in our rap video, ‘Physics is the basis of everything, and it is important’. Physics gives us powerful techniques to help us express ourselves and see the universe in different ways. If we didn’t know Physics existed, many mechanics and electronics would not exist today. We wanted to choose something fun and fizzy drinks sparked an interest in both of us! You may be wondering what fizzy drinks have to do with Physics? Well, carbonic acid is what gives fizzy drinks their bubbles. When at high pressures, more carbon dioxide dissolves in water, and because the reaction is reversible, when the pressure decreases, more carbon dioxide is released. This answers the question on why bubbles appear in a bottle of Coca Cola when you unscrew the bottle lid.”

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