Physics is music

Well done to Ethan for his submission on how physics makes music possible. Take a look at his cover letter below:

My track is about how physics makes music possible. It starts with morse code for music is physics, physics is music and builds from there. There is a line in the track about material vibrations. This refers to the different materials that musical instruments are made out of, for example, brass, wood, even horsehair for the bows used with violins and cellos. When you pull the horsehair across the strings, it makes them vibrate to produce sound through the hollow wooden part of the instrument. There is another line in the track about electromagnetic oscillation. This refers to the physics involved in making sounds through synthesisers, magnets and speakers. For me, music can help make people happy and bring them together in difficult times. We saw this in the pandemic, when bands, orchestras and choirs got together on Zoom, and made music from each of their own homes. I did this with other school children, playing in our samba band online, from our own living rooms.

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