Painting that says 'physics gives art the wow factor'

Physics gives art the wow factor

Well done to Jasper for his submission on the role that physics plays in art. Take a look at his cover letter below:

Dear Judging panel, I decided to explore how physics plays a part in one of my favourite everyday things – making art. I love doing lots of different styles of art, from drawing cartoons, to elaborate abstract works. But most of all, I love art with lots of energy. Especially when energy is used to make it. I remember a day during the first lockdown when I made spin paintings using a salad spinner. I loved the results, and realise now that that’s all thanks to physics. I love that the results are completely unpredictable, unique, and reliant on the paintbrush of centrifugal force! It’s a marriage of art and science, a perfect combination. Physicists use art to help them visualise abstract aspects of the physical world. And artists like me use physics to create amazing and unique art! I love to think that in the entire 14.7 billion years of the universe’s existence, this is the first time ever that this exact picture has been made and seen. I hope you like my work as much as physics and I enjoyed making it! Yours faithfully, Jasper.”

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