Noise Pollution

Well done to Beatrix for her submission showing how noise pollution impacts our environments. Take a look at her cover letter below:

“I am submitting a music composition, which is a fusion of music and noise pollution. The reason I have produced this is to highlight just how much noise pollution impacts our environment: in urban areas, in the work place and on wildlife. People and wildlife are affected by noise pollution in many ways: it can affect people’s hearing, mental health and can drive wildlife away from its natural habitats. It can even cause problems for insects such as caterpillars and also mammals such as bats, that use their own natural navigation systems. It is my belief that the companies, who are responsible for noise pollution (machinery, industrial equipment, road works and surfaces etc) have the physical ability to reduce the noise levels which are produced. It is also my belief that they put cost before taking positive steps to help the environment. This is why physics is important and should be explored ie, using different road surfaces to reduce friction, producing more electric cars and moving away from diesel engines etc. in today’s age, we should have the physics knowledge and technology to help minimise everyday noise pollution.

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