Mountain Biking: My Physics Passion

Well done to Owen for his submission on the role that physics plays in mountain biking. Take a look at his cover letter below:

My name is Owen, I am 12 years old and my passion is mountain biking. My submission for The Eurekas is a video explaining how your bike actually holds your weight even under extreme pressure. I often do big jumps while I’m riding my bike in the mountains where I live and wonder how my bike is able to take the impact. I researched this and found the answer really fascinating. I’ve put this into a video and made the explanation as simple and engaging as possible.

The weight of the rider transferring smoothly into the ground plays a huge role in mountain biking because the trails can get really rough. The bike has to be strong enough to take the impact and lessen it for your body to enable you and your bike to keep going!

I hope you enjoy watching my video. I really enjoyed making it.