A drawing of a Japanese physicist that has been folded using an Origami technique

Miura: the world of physics and origami

Well done to George for his submission on the world of physics and origami. Take a look at his cover letter below:

Japan was one of the first countries to create Origami, so it seems fitting that it was also the one to recognise origami’s potential in other fields. To be specific: Kōryō Miura. He is a Japanese astrophysicist most well known for the Miura fold (so featured in my entry). The Miura fold is a well-known origami pattern that consists of a tessellation of parallelograms and is one of the greatest examples of art being used in the world of physics. Originally the Miura fold was used to fold maps efficiently, but in 1996, it was used in Japan’s Space Flyer Unit. It helped to tightly pack a satellite into a small rocket to allow for less expensive flight into space and then unfold using less motors once in orbit. It has also been proposed that the legendary Miura fold can be used in other things from surgery to furniture! Origami is an art enjoyed by many, including myself and in my entry, I tried to show this, but also show how involved a simple hobby can be in the wider world. I folded a drawing of the great Kōryō Miura – wider world- with a humble origami fold- simple hobby.

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