Make Car Batteries Charge Faster

Well done to Vinayak for his submission on using physics to power electric cars. Take a look at his cover letter below:

We can make electric cars more appealing by using physics. I have looked at solutions to make electric cars better so that the environment is cleaner. I have found two solutions that could be implemented in the next few years if we all come together to support these ideas. I have researched some emerging technologies that are making batteries more efficient and easier to charge. The first solution is the use of graphene batteries. A typical electric car would normally take around eight hours to charge from an average charger but with graphene batteries, this could be reduced to around ninety minutes. The second solution is by having multiple small batteries inside the car that amount to one big battery, and charging ports for all these batteries. This would need all charging points to have multiple chargers to charge them simultaneously. Neither of these solutions would charge as fast as internal combustion cars that can refuel in under five minutes. However, it would still make electric cars more appealing in the future.

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