Let’s not dance around the subject: What is physics?

Well done to Freya for her submission on how physics relates to dance. Take a look at her cover letter below:

I have been dancing for ten years, and it got me thinking: how is physics related to dancing, or any movement for that matter. I discovered that physics are involved in dance in four ways: Force, Momentum, Friction, and overcoming Gravitational pull. I filmed a short video explaining how these factors are used and an example of them being used in dance. Physics is all around us and in everything we do. As an example of how force is used: I used a relevé, for momentum I gave the example of when a dancer performs combinations across the floor whilst moving in a constant direction, for friction or torque I used turning as an example, and for overcoming gravitational pull I used jumps or leaps. I really enjoyed learning and interpreting physics in this way, as it was not something I had done before.

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