How Not to do a Somersault

Well done to Alex for demonstrating how physics plays a part in somersaults. Take a look at his cover letter below:

I’ve always loved science and when I started trampolining a was pleasantly surprised by how much of the technique was because of physics. Recently, I started coaching and had to find out a lot about why the gymnasts do everything they do. I’ve learned a lot and would always take every opportunity to explain these things to the people around me, because I wanted to share what I’d learned. When I heard the topic was passions I knew this was perfect because I would be able to talk about two of my favourite things! I took a video of one of the somersaults I did when I was learning to straight back and turned it into an animation containing of all the notes I had to take onboard. This was helpful for me as I was able to record everything visually and who knows, maybe this might help someone else who didn’t understand before what their coach was on about!