Hockey physics

Well done to Megan for her submission on the role of physics in hockey. Take a look at her cover letter below:

Dear Eureka competition judges. This project has made me think about how important physics is and how it surrounds us and plays a part in everything that we do and see. I have decided to look at ‘what is the point of physics?’ when I am playing hockey as this is something that I have been participating in for 5 years and really enjoy doing in my spare time. My project is about the energy used when I play hockey, from what I eat beforehand to swinging my stick and scoring goals. I have enjoyed researching the forces and how energy transfers from me to the ball. I have learnt lots of new things like when energy turns into kinetic energy, Newtons 1st Law and why it’s important to eat high energy foods before a match. I can now use my new knowledge to score lots more goals when playing hockey. I hope you enjoy looking at my project.

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