Highly commended: Mystery Journey

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Congratulations to Niel from Trumpongton Park Primary School who won the Highly Commended Award for the Aged 11 category. Niel created a video video, covering a journey from the Big Bang to Newtons Gravity and finally to the String Theory. Take a look at his cover letter below:

I am always curious on how things work or appear, like rainbows, stars, lightning or even ice. Therefore, I enjoy physics and learning new things that’s why I did this amazing competition.I read a lot of stories about physicists and how they changed the world’s understanding like Isaac Newton, Steven Hawking, Galileo Galilei and Albert Einstein. These scientists worked on mysteries which were unexplainable or undiscovered at their time. Prime examples are the General Relativity theory by Albert Einstein and Galileo Galilei discovered the heliocentric model.