Highly Commended: How Does Physics Power Music?

Congratulations to Ruby and Evon from Ysgol Uwchradd Tywyn who won the Highly Commended Award for the Aged 13 and 14 category. They created a video to show how physics powers their passion for music. Take a look at their entry below:

We have made this video to highlight how physics powers our passion: music. Through research, we have discovered that whether obvious or not, physics is a huge factor in powering our everyday lives. Our video conveys this through our shared love of music. Physics has almost single-handedly helped us to create and enjoy music from playing an instrument like the piano to listening to songs at home through headphones. Bartolomeo Cristofori of Italy created the piano after being unsatisfied by the lack of control over the volume level of its predecessor the harpsichord. He used a hammer rather than a plucking mechanism to gain control over the instrument’s volume. He must have had a knowledge of physics to do so. In addition the development of “short-link” radio technology, later called Bluetooth was started by Nils Rydbeck, the CTO at Ericsson Mobile in Lund, Sweden. They wanted to develop wireless headsets, as portrayed by two inventions by Johan Ullman. Their knowledge of physics enabled them to make this idea a reality. Without physics, modern-day music would not be enjoyed or created.