Highly Commended: Flip Flops are Awesome

Congratulations to Wilf from Anderston Primary School who won the Highly Commended Award for the Aged 11 category. Wilf created a video to show how flip flops are used to store data, which helps to power his passion for playing computer games. Take a look at his entry below: 

I wanted to teach people about how flip flops are powering our every day lives because they are a very important part because everything digital needs them to function. They are so small that most people won’t even think about them and you are never taught it unless you are delving into computers and how they work. Even if you know that computers use bits then knowing how bits are actually stored uses even smaller things like transistors is intricate and interesting. It powers my passion of playing games with my friends which was highly important to me during lockdown and is really fun and Minecraft lets you build creative things. I like making videos for my science channel because there’s a certain pride in people learning from them and showing them to other people and the camera that films me also needs flip flops to work 🙂 The TuringTumble toy I used makes it a lot clearer for kids because it’s coloured and bigger and has good instructions.

To make my video I got help from my Mum who does the editing. TuringTumble Educator Guide. Wikipedia. Replay mod. We have put captions in case anyone is deaf.