Football is a Girl’s Sport: Physics Says So!

Well done to Lily for her entry that explains how physics powers girls to play football. Take a look at her cover letter below:

When a girl steps onto a football pitch, many say it is weird or unusual or that we do not belong here but oppositely to what people say: football is a girl’s sport.

Girls are strong enough to ace a free kick from halfway across the pitch.

We are fast enough to run down the wing to score a last-minute, tie-breaking goal.

I am confident enough to deal with wins as well as losses with my team and learn from them.

I am not just making this up, physics – the science from which we base our existence off – proves that we belong on the pitch just as much as boys.

From the power of my kick to the aiming of my penalty, gravity, rotation, forces and air resistance work together to prove that in this sport we are here to stay. It proves that football is for everyone, no matter their gender, ethnicity, religion or race. Football makes us all feel free and helps us connect better with the people we love, therefore we should also look at it as a sport of unity and togetherness ….. and PHYSICS enables that.