Eras Tour Magic

Well done to Tess and Freya for their creative submission that demonstrated how physics powers the shows of their hero, Taylor Swift. Take a look at their cover letter below:

Attending the Taylor Swift Eras tour would be an immense dream come true for us. As passionate fans of Taylor and her music (Swifties!), the opportunity to witness her liver performance during this tour would be an experience of a lifetime. Imagining singing along to her iconic hits, and being part of a crowd united by a shared love of her music fills us with much excitement.

Taylor has has a significant impact on our lives, her relatable music, growth as an artist and influence on people have made her an important figure in our lives growing up.

Taylor’s music reflects some of our own experiences, empowering us to embrace emotions and face life’s problems with resilience. Inspired by Taylor’s ability to reinvent herself with each album, we are encouraging ourselves to embrace change and self-discovery. Als, her genuine connection with her fans creates a safe space for use to express ourselves and connect with others.

The poster we have made explains all the aspects of physics used to create seemingly simple things like the sound and lighting during the 3-and-a-half-hour show. The dedication and time spent on creating this tour were immense and precise that even things like the light-up bracelets handed out at the show add to the experience. For example, during different songs, the bracelets change colours and at the very end they flash purple momentarily. Possibly as a signal to Speak Now (Taylor’s version).

We can happily say Taylor is not just a pop and country icon, but source of inspiration and endless possibilities to people.