A timeline of famous physicists throughout history.

Do Physics!

Well done to Matilde for her submission where she created a timeline to show us how physics has changed the world. Take a look at her cover letter and entry below:

“I wish through my project, to have the possibility of sending a message to young people who are reluctant to take physics as a subject. Through this poster that I created I want to show all these people how physics allows us to better understand what surrounds us and has changed the world and our daily lives, thanks to people who have chosen to look into the subject and by their work and perseverance have revolutionized the modern world in which we live. I want to show that our sex, our way of life, our nationality and our difficulties are not barriers to doing physics and enjoying this subject. There is no defined profile for doing physics. In addition, physics opens up more possibilities than one might think, many fields need physicists to function, which offers a lot of opportunity to those who choose to study it (instrumentalist technician, medical physicist, engineer -researcher in astrophysics) I hope that thanks to my project people will dare to get into physics, because physics is accessible to everyone. I hope that my project will encourage people from all walks of life to do physics to get started and develop their talents.

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