Cosmic Confection

Well done to Eva and Mithra for their submission that combined their love for baking and art to demonstrate how physics powers space rockets. Take a look at their cover letter below:

Rockets symbolise one of humanity’s greatest accomplishments – conquering the unknown beyond the skies, a feat made possible by physics. Each step in sending a rocket into space uses physics: engine-based hydraulic systems; Newton’s law of inertia; gravity-assisted slingshots; and more.

Newton’s law of inertia is particularly key in a rocket’s journey, allowing it to sustain a continuous motion in space unless affected by an external force – conserving fuel, weight, and costs. Less fuel weight at lift-off enables more equipment or people to be carried, which can be a great benefit.

Physics is also demonstrated by the re-entry of a rocket’s command module through the Earth’s atmosphere, as the knowledge of specific heat capacity and structure of materials is imperative for the safety of the crew and equipment inside. Friction between atmospheric particles and the heatshield causes immensely high temperatures, and so stainless steel honeycomb and aluminium are commonly used to prevent it from burning.

Our delicious creation expresses our curiosity surrounding these concepts. By combining our love of baking, art, and passion for aerospace, we have produced a model based of the design of Artemis 1 on Martian terrain, illustrating how humanity continues to use physics to explore the world.