Well done to Diya, Shreyansi and Sagun for their submission on the connection between physics and space. Take a look at their entry below:

We chose to do an astrophysics project because we became interested in space ever since we learnt about it in school. For this reason, we decided to make a solar system model. If you’re wondering how this links to our individual passions, here’s how: There are 3 of us in the group and 2 of us are passionate about arts and crafts while one of us is really passionate about poetry. We made our project using a big wooden box that we painted. We made the sun using a sunset lamp and putting half a Christmas bauble on it. The planets are made from Styrofoam balls that we painted, then we added fairy lights to connect and hold the planets to make it look like they are floating. Involved in our model is a poem about the solar system. On the sides, we also added a poem and pictures of Nicolaus Copernicus and Claudius Ptolemy because they are notable for the heliocentric and geocentric theories about space. Without them, we may not have been as knowledgeable about what is beyond the earth or how the solar system works. We would also like to thank our teacher and Diya’s dad for providing us with the space and time we needed to bring our idea to life.