Art and Physics

Well done to Ella for her creative submission which demonstrated the role of physics in colours. Take a look at her cover letter below:

How does Physics power my passion?

My passion is art and painting. Painting uses a lot of colour and experiments with light and tone, and mixing pigments to create different shades. This, of course, is empowered by the discovery of light waves and light colours, which helps artists on how they paint their work.

This piece of artwork that I created is of a colour wavelength chart, and it shows the wavelength of each colour of light. I added small portraits of 7 notable Physicists that helped us understand the characteristics and capabilities of light, because I wanted to recognize their discoveries and how much they helped us. Behind these Physicists, I painted small pictures to show what these physicists discovered, and also depictions on the characteristics of light, such as reflection.

To help a viewer understand the meaning of the artwork, I painted a brush and some paint splashes underneath the diagram and added colored light waves leading from it.

I wanted the piece to be eye-catching and bright, and I think I achieved this. Also, I wanted it to be very artistic, but also very scientific. I achieved this by the artwork being a diagram with a creative twist, the twist being the pictures.

Thank you for reading.